Casual Chic Clothing to Inspire a Sense of Creativity

The Love Polo brand is all about casual chic clothing and sport glam couture!  While Love Polo is casual enough to wear every day, it is also chic enough to wear out for an evening of fun.  Love Polo is for the woman or man that loves life and everything beautiful!

Quality of Love Polo Casual Chic Clothing

At Love Polo, we make all of our products from organic cotton.  In addition, we hand dye and hand-stitch our clothing with love.  Our team is a small group of expert craftspeople located in Rome.  Rome is the one and only Eternal City.  Our casual chic clothing is of the highest quality and made with care.

casual chic clothing drawings
casual chic clothing drawings

Inspiration of Love Polo Casual Chic Clothing

The Love Polo collection of casual chic clothing is inspired by a Colombian mother and Italian father and daughter.  Our family inspiration starts with our love for the game of polo.  Because Polo plays such a big part in our lives, we find ourselves in beautiful Argentina for up to six months of each year where we play and practice the sport.  With that said, our collection is designed to embrace the things we love in life and instigates a casual chic look that is both sporty and glamorous.

Did you know? Each Love Polo item carries the name of one of the 80 polo ponies that live on the Dieppa farm!

Our brand borrows the heart and soul of the wonderful sport of polo and its way of life.  We are reinterpreting and transforming this amazing energy into fashion.

Personality of Love Polo Casual Chic Clothing

casual chic clothing designs
casual chic clothing designs

Fashion designer Diana Dieppa personally chooses all colors, patterns, materials and fabrics with a vision to create clothing that is considered both casual chic and sport glam couture. All pieces of clothing that we create are unique.  Each item is slightly different from one another due to the process we use when creating our clothing.  In addition, the dyes we use have subtle variations of color after they have dried in the sun.  Equally important, the process of drying the fabrics in the sun helps to slightly bleach the colors of our tees to give them all their own original exquisite look.  As a matter of fact, the different hands that patiently sew and print our products are all slightly different in their technique.  Uniquely, Love Polo is committed to transmitting a positive energy and love into each of our garments.

Furthermore, we often source local vintage materials and integrate them into our collection. This also renders each item unique.  We are so glad you have found us hope that our work will bring you sunshine and joy.

 Originality of Love Polo Casual Chic Clothing

casual chic clothing designs table
casual chic clothing designs
casual chic clothing creation
casual chic clothing creation

Our line begins with the simple t-shirt, which is embellished with lace, leather inserts, silk, ribbons, and prints. Thus, the basic casual tee is soon bursting with style, originality, and whimsy.  Our style works works quite well with fresh forms and colors.  Love Polo’s casual chick clothing is breaking all the rules and bringing an innovative touch of feminine sensuality and sensitivity with couture appeal. The polo’s, dresses, skirts, and other garments created by Love Polo are all based on the same chic and sport cut.

Check out the many ways to interpret the t-shirt or polo in our collections: Crystals, Rock and Roll, Romantic, Cuoio, Basic, and Tie and Dye.

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