Love Polo 2016 summer collection emphasizes the body
Love Polo 2016 summer collection emphasizes the body

The Love Polo 2016 summer collection is the first collection Love Polo ever did! It has been done with so much love and fun, and it really shows!

The summer collection has been designed and made with two major ideas in mind:

  1. It has to emphasize the beauty in the female body
  2. It has to make use of different materials, like no-one has ever dared to try before

Emphasizing the body

Diana really wanted to design a collection that would enhance the female body. She wanted to make pieces that would emphasize the beautiful parts in the body and disguise the parts we don’t want to be noticed as much. The female body is a temple, it is a creation of beauty and Love Polo wants to celebrate that. But often we do have some parts we don’t want to celebrate too much 😉 so Diana has found a way to make beautiful clothing pieces that help show off the female beauty at its best.

The Love Polo 2016 summer collection was developed in an unusual way. Normally when developing a collection you start with drawing the design, then you make the patterns. After that you start to cut the pieces and put them together on the models as wearable items. Diana turned the process upside down. She first designed the items, then she and her staff cut the pieces on the body to see which parts of the body she wanted to emphasize and which parts she wanted to hide to bring out the best in the body. From that she could decide the patterns she needed and she put those on the models to make wearable items. This way of working gave Diana the freedom to make something that is really designed on the body, for the body. This way of working really needed out of the box thinking.

Love Polo 2016 summer collection uses a mix of materials together
Love Polo 2016 summer collection uses a mix of materials together

Different materials

This is where Diana’s love and passion could really be expressed, and the results show it! Diana made the impossible happen!

The collection uses different colors and materials to emphasize the contours and beautiful shapes of the female body, and hide the shapes we usually do not want to show as much. The black pieces on the side or on the back, for instance, follow the lines of the body. Additional to that Diana also uses other colors and fabrics to give an item a sparkle and make it pop. Using different materials on one piece of clothing that way is a totally new way of thinking. Each fabric is used to enhance the body and each material lends itself in a different way for a different part of the body. Each material has a different quality and is suited for use in its own way. As a result the 2016 summer collection pieces really bring out the best in you!

Diana is a citizen of the world. She was born and raised in Colombia. She went to college in the US and the last 20 years she spent living in Italy. In Colombia the mentality is very free and open. People have an attitude of “everything is possible”, you can do anything you want. There is an openness that does not keep you bound to many rules in Colombia, so there are also not a lot of rules on what you should or should not do when it comes to designing clothes and using materials.

In Italy the people are a lot more strict. People do not only value quality, but they also have a strong belief system that tells you what you should and should not do when it comes to a craft. So when Diana started putting different materials together people started objecting, the Italians were quite shocked. But that did not stop Diana, she really wanted to explore.

Having her own atelier gives Diana the freedom to do what she wants and try out ideas she has. It gives her the freedom to explore and experiment to see what works and what not. This is where Diana’s love and passion can really be expressed, and the result shows it! Diana is making the impossible happen with the 2016 Love Polo summer collection!

With the mixed materials and a totally new way of thinking and designing the collection has become a mix of sport and elegance, casual and chic, comfortable and glamorous. Each piece is different with details that give it sparkle and shine and everything feels really comfortable on the body while having the elegance of designer clothing.

Casual chic clothing with a twist!

Italian quality

Being in Italy really taught Diana about quality. All the Love Polo materials are made in Italy which automatically gives everything in the collection a superb quality. Because Italian quality is, in Diana’s words: “out of this world”. Take for instance pasta. You can eat pasta anywhere in the world, it would still be called pasta. But if you eat pasta in Italy you immediately know what is meant by ‘Italian quality’, pasta from any place but Italy just doesn’t taste as good as Italian pasta. The same goes for materials and fabrics made in Italy; it even makes the colors of the dye come out a lot better for some reason. Diana thinks it must be something in the Italian air or the love the Italians put in their products 😉 Italians have so much culture, they know how to make quality products. Being from another country Diana is really able to appreciate Italian quality.

Love Polo 2016 summer collection with details to add sparkle
Love Polo 2016 summer collection with details to add sparkle

The collection pieces

The 2016 summer collection has several different kind of clothing pieces and each one is named after a real person. The ‘Diana’ dress for instance, not surprisingly Diana’s favorite dress, is a mixture of neoprene, smart material and silk. It is sexy, elegant, sporty glam and has black fabric in the right places to contour the body.

The neoprene for instance, used in most pieces, has the quality of really flattering the body. Some of the dresses have a macrame material which reveals a bit of the body but still in a very classy way, with an open back, or on the arms, giving the pieces a very elegant flair. Diana has really used all these materials to bring out the best in the female body making us look even more beautiful and glamorous than we are…

We can’t wait till the summer!

Art gallery Canova hosted Love Polo winter collection sale and Nathalie Rapti Gomez attended
Nathalie Rapti Gomez at the Love Polo Canova Winter Sale

Art gallery Canova hosted Love Polo’s winter collection sale and it was a huge success! Actress Nathalie Rapti Gomez attended the event amongst many other guests.

There was wine, good food, art, beautiful people and of course; beautiful clothing!

Love Polo designer Diana Dieppa:

It was such a wonderful event. The energy was just how I wanted it; fun expansive and super positive. It was a way to share my new projects with people.

Guests were also able to see the new summer collection and people loved it!! Check our website regularly for updates as we will we will be doing another fun event in the summer!

Visit the Canova art gallery website

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