Ted for Youth: Made in the Future

Love Polo Ted for youth sponsorLove Polo, proud sponsor of Ted for Youth 2015 for the second time. Ted for youth are ted talks for young people. The Ted for youth 2015 was held in November, in the auditorium in Rome. Auditorium Parco della Musica is a large multi-functional public music complex in Rome, Italy. The complex is situated in the north of the city, in the area where the 1960 Summer Olympic Games were held.

The Ted for Youth topic was “Made in the Future”. Young people talked about technology in the future, what it will look like like and what it will mean for them. “Made in the Future”  was held simultaneously in more than 100 cities around the world.

Love Polo Ted for youth sponsorLove Polo designed and created the t-shirts for the Ted for Youth 2015 in Rome. Some of the t-shirts were personalized for the speakers, the t-shirts were worn during the ted talks, one of the the t-shirts was worn by the actor Filippo Carli.

The event was televised all over the world, there were 20 different speakers who all talked about various topics within the theme. Love Polo also gave out gifts, our Love Polo heart, the program of the event and cookies.

Love Polo feels very honored to be a part of the Ted talks.

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Love Polo Ted for youth sponsor

Love Polo Ladies International Diamond Cup sponsor at La Dolfina Polo club in November of 2015.

The finals of the Ladies Diamond Cup, and Ladies 8 League took place on Monday November 23. It was held at La Dolfina Polo Club in Argentina. The competition featured twelve teams between 16 and 4 goal, playing under the ladies handicap, established by the Argentine Polo Association.

Love Polo Ladies International Diamond Cup sponsor
Winners of the Ladies International Diamond Cup 2015 with Love Polo t-shirts

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Love Polo Polo Club Saint Tropez sponsor 2014 for the third time in a row!

Every year now Love Polo sponsors at the club. Love Polo is inspired by Polo and not only are we involved in it, it is our passion! We play it, we live it! Our brand represents the nature of the sport; it’s sporty, classy, active and chic.

Polo Club Saint Tropez is a beautiful facility in Saint Tropez France.

Love Polo polo club Saint Tropez sponsor
Polo Club Saint Tropez

In a domain of over 100 hectares surrounded by forests, the Polo Club Saint-Tropez offers four polo fields in Tifton turf of the best quality, a stick & ball field, a training course of 360 m, a new indoor arena which can be optimised for each season and 350 boxes designed to provide the optimal ecological environment for horses. Not to mention the indispensable farriery and veterinary space! Accommodation comprises: 9 luxury villas for players and their families, designed for every comfort and 19 apartments equipped for the stable staff …

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