Nothing Says Quality like Handmade Italian Clothing!  Thus, Diana Dieppa is busy creating her new line in her studio located near Trastevere, Rome Italy.   With that said, the New Line of Handmade Italian Sport Glam Clothing mix’s unusual materials which creates a unique style.  Her attention to detail as well as the combination of beautiful colors and style sets her apart from other designers.  “Distinctive Flair”, the first collection, includes chic sport glam pieces.

Because of her diverse style she is including both sporty and couture cocktail dresses, blouses and pants.  Diana’s gift as a designer is remarkable.  Her clothing compliments a woman’s body in a way that is both feminine and fun!

The popular magazine, Fab UK magazine, recently interviewed Diana about her new line of Handmade Italian Sport Glam Clothing.  A sneak peak of the article is below.  To see the entire article, visit Fab UK magazine.

Diana Dieppa Couture – Handmade Italian Sport Glam Clothing

When you meet Diana Dieppa, in Trastevere, Rome, you have a clear vision of what she is about. The showroom looks like a loft in New York city, where you can find an Italian atelier with a twist, and there you’ll see Diana’s mix and match lifestyle.

Born in Colombia, and studied marketing and audio in Boston, MA, USA, she was thrown into fashion from a very young age. Her mother had her own company and her grandmother also did all the dresses for the “Miss” of her country; all her life she created clothing, dresses for Diana.

Diana Dieppa is a mixture of cultures that you see directly in her collections. Diana has been leaving in Rome, Italy for twenty years now. This has made her fall in love with the “Made in Italy” quality.  Diana has also had a line of bags that have been sold in Harvey Nicol’s, London.

Her lifestyle is a mix between fashion and television; she has worked in Colombia and Italy, and presented the “Festival of Cinema” in Colombia, with Benicio del Toro.  Currently Diana is concentrating on her new line; her “Sport Glam”.  It mixes the most usable materials, smart materials with lace and very exclusive Italian materials with a specific idea in mind.  Her clothing line includes cocktail dresses, tops and pants.  All sport glam items, materials and labor, is all Italian since she considers the “Made in Italy” a plus in this moment. This designer has created a showroom atelier in the city of Rome, where she is able to design and create the collections from scratch.


Handmade Italian Sport Glam Clothing
Made in Italy Handmade Italian Sport Glam Clothing

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