Lia Salvo, born in America Argentina, is a spirited young women.  Her desire to win big in a sport that is dominated by men shows through in the passion she brings to the game!  Her tenacity and love for the sport is helping push her to the top.  Lia loves everything Polo, the sport and the clothing!  Through this beautiful sport Lia regularly meets many amazing people that are helping her in her endeavors both personally and professionally.  Diana Dieppa, designer of Love Polo Clothing and friend of Lia, worked with Lia to create a beautiful Polo T shirt just for her.  Sporting the beautiful sport glam designs of Diana Dieppa’s clothing line, Love Polo Clothing, Lia Salvo Loving Love Polo Clothing!

Lia Salvo Loving Love Polo Clothing
Lia Salvo loving Love Polo Clothing – Polo Dress
Lia Salvo Loving Love Polo Clothing Grey T Shirt
Lia Salvo loving Love Polo T shirt
Love Polo Clothing Lia Salvo T shirt











The love of Polo in both her Personal and Professional Life, Lia Salvo Loving Love Polo Clothing!

In her personal and professional life Lia is all about the horses and her love of Polo.  Through her passion for Polo, Lia met Diana Dieppa, Designer of Love Polo Clothing.  Diana and her Family are avid Polo players and fans of the sport.  Diana created her beautiful clothing line, which can be found at  Diana’s Love Polo Clothing line is inspired by her love for the Game of Polo.

Diana Dieppa with Lia Salvo and her female Polo mates
Love Polo at Polo Tournament








For the Love of the Sport Loving Polo!

Salvo is a full time professional polo player.  Because of this, she is busy throughout the season playing international tournaments in the United states, Europe and Asia.  Growing up, Lia has always been in love with horses.  Lia’s riding lessons started when she was 4 years old.  Her father introduced to her the sport of Polo he is so passionate about himself.  Lia played in her first game at the age of 10 and she played in her first tournament at the age of 12.  As Lia’s Polo career progresses, she is noticed as one of the most promising female players in the sport.  Currently at the age of 29 she is one of the most in demand players.  In addition, she is the number 1 female polo player in the world.  Lia has a 2-goal men’s handicap and a 9-goal women’s handicap.

Lia Salvo Number one Women’s Polo Player

History In The Making With The Help of Adolfo Cambiaso!

The sport of Polo has changed very little over the last several decades.  Titles are disputed each season and team members move to new teams at times.  However the sport within the prestigious circuit and at a global level is much the same.  Polo is known as a sport for men.  However, with the help of Adolfo Cambiaso this mindset is changing.  Cambiaso picked Lia to play “among the men” as the first woman on team La Dolfina.  Cambiaso is receiving praise from women polo players for helping to change the history of the sport and by creating opportunity that was not previously there.

The Jockey Club Polo Open of San Isidro, which proceeds the Triple Crown in Argentina, was a huge success!  Lia made history by being the first women ever to play in and win the Jockey Club Polo.  Lia is surrounded by men on the team, including  Adolfo Cambiaso, Pablo Mac Donough and Juan Martin Nero, all of whom have a 10-goal handicap.  Lia’s win was a historical event that is kicking the door wide open for Women’s Polo players around the world.

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