What is a Polo Dress?

A Polo Dress also called a polo shirt dress is a women’s garment that is an elongated version of a polo shirt. The polo dress is short sleeved, has a collar and usually three buttons from the neckline to the chest. The skirt portion of the polo dress usually ends above the knee.

Polo Dress - Olympia - White with Gold Accents
Olympia – white dress with gold details | front

When should I wear this style?

Our stylish polo dresses can be worn in any weather climate, although the short sleeves and shorter skirt might be more appropriate during the warmer months of the year. Our Italian style at Love Polo Clothing illuminates on all of our sports glam dresses, especially these beautiful dresses. You can wear these dresses for a fun casual look or for a lively time at a cocktail hour with your girlfriends.

Sport Glam Polo Dress
Sports Glam Polo Dress

What shoes go with a Polo Dress?

Polo dresses are a sporty look that also adds comfort. Strappy sandals, tennis shoes (sneakers), flip-flops, flats, and boat shoes are all perfectly great shoe styles to select wearing this sports glam attire.


  • Sleeveless
  • Short Sleeve Sleeve
  • Long Sleeve

The best dress for sports activities

Our clients enjoy our apparel while engaging in various outdoor activities. Ladies, look right on the golf course then continue looking fabulous while having brunch, shopping, or running errands. Polo dresses are ideal for wearing over your bathing suit while you are going to and from the beach.


Diana Dieppa, the stylist behind Love Polo

It is not a surprise Diana became a designer and created Love Polo. Since a very young age in Colombia, she started designing her clothing and fell in love with stylish Italian fashion design. Inspired by the sport of polo, Diana Dieppa has created the perfect sports glam couture for the sophisticated fan.

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